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July 22 2018

Comment on essential raised waffles by Mel caballero

So I got this stove top waffle iron. Martha Stewart brand at Macy's and you can unhinge it and wash it! Love it! (I now own four if you count this one! My fave! Takes up a lot less space and you can flip it

June 10 2018

May 27 2018

May 13 2018

Comment on big crumb coffee cake by alex

would this work with cinnamon swirl instead of rubharb? do you have a good receipe on here for cinnamon swirl because mine always seems to be off haha

Is Betsy DeVos About to Scrap the Federal Office for English-Language Learners?

The proposed consolidation of the office of English-language acquisition is sparking strong pushback from advocates for English-learners, the fastest growing subgroup of students in public schools.

April 22 2018

Comment on crispy tofu pad thai by nikkipolani

I had a Thai co-worker who added 3 heaping tablespoons of white sugar to her bowl of pho along with ½ the jar of chili garlic sauce. I guess sweet and hot is a flavor profile a lot of Thais like.

Indian Instant Pot Butter Chicken – Impress Yourself with this Easy Recipe

Imagine being able to make the most tender, moist, and flavorful Butter Chicken from the comforts of your home. With millions of Instant Pot chicken recipes to choose from, Indian chicken recipes have become easier than ever to make at home. This Butter Chicken Recipe is not just good; it’s one of the BEST Instant […]

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Easy DIY Coconut Oat Milk Bath

Oh how I love this DIY coconut oat milk bath…  It's so soothing and gentle and believe it or not, it doubles as a cleanser, so no soap required!  We use it daily, but it's our go-to solution for diaper rashes, dry itchy skin, and eczema flare ups too. We've used all natural bath and…

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April 15 2018

Spring Texture Hunt

Whew…  After a long, snowy winter here in the Okanagan, I *think* spring might actually be here and I can't tell you how good it feels!  We arrived home on Good Friday after a week in Vancouver to find nearly all of our snow gone and despite the fact that it briefly snowed on both…

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Comments on: The Best Sewing Blogs and Online Resources

Music lessons, singing lessons, and more

March 11 2018

Polka Dot Sensory Bag for Babies

This afternoon, with Brad outside mowing the lawn and Miss G being his water / sweat rag girl {hah!!}, I thought Sam and I would try something fun while doing our daily tummy time play.   Since our tummy time painting was a hit a few days ago, I figured we'd give a sensory bag…

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March 04 2018

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

Oh my goodness…  This boy and his cars and trucks.  He’s nothing short of obsessed.  The other thing he’s been really into for months?  Colours.  Smack the two together and you’ve got a car and truck colour sorting activity that’s incredibly easy to pull off, but super engaging for little car and truck lovers like…

The post Car and Truck Colour Sorting appeared first on Mama.Papa.Bubba..

February 25 2018

Comment on zucchini bread by JP

I made this again today because I love it. I used whole wheat white flour from Trader Joe’s for the first time and made my usual subs (plain Greek yogurt instead of butter or oil, extra zucchini, and just a scattering of mini chocolate chips). It is good, but is drier than prior attempts. Does whole wheat white flour necessitate using more liquid? Or perhaps the combo of the whole wheat white flour and the yogurt sub resulted in this? I used the turbinado sugar in this for the first time and I love that slight brûlée taste it brings.

January 21 2018

Comment on sheet pan meatballs with crispy turmeric chickpeas by Cy

I have one of those stick anywhere little chalk boards and I make a list. Otherwise I forget what’s in there! Also quick defrost method; line a pan or bowl with foil, fill with warm water. Your item defrosts in @ 20 minutes. I often forget to pull things out to defrost. :)

December 24 2017

Search to Fill One of Education's Biggest Jobs Begins as New York City Chief Steps Down - Education Week

Who Mayor Bill de Blasio has in mind for his next chancellor isn’t yet clear, but experts say the job requires a hard-to-find combination of someone with credibility as an educator and the acumen to navigate the rough-and-tumble politics of New York City.

From Trump's Immigration Crackdown to Foreign Language Learning, Here Are Top ELL Posts in 2017

In 2017, Learning the Language blog readers were drawn to stories about foreign language education, the Trump administration’s aggressive stance on immigration, and research that explored the benefits of bilingualism.

December 17 2017

Comment on orangettes by Lea

At least overnight. I have had good results candying the peels one evening and then dipping them in tempered chocolate the next evening.

December 03 2017

November 26 2017

To Help ELLs Study the Constitution, iCivics Unveils Spanish-Language Civil Rights Game

A set of new upgrades and enhancements, along with the Spanish version, are designed to support all learners, but were intentionally designed with ELLs and struggling readers in mind.

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